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    ?8 Tips for Proofreading Your College Essay
    8 Tips for Proofreading Your College Essay
    According to college admissions professionals, proofreading is by far the most important thing it is possible to do to improve your college essay. Really don’t overlook this key step in preparing your essay. Use these eight tips to proofread your college software essay.
    1. Do spell check.
    Okay, so the spelling and grammar check resource on your computer won’t catch everything (and every now and then can even steer you wrong), but it is a advantageous put to get started on for proofreading. It should catch quite possibly the most obvious spelling or grammatical errors.
    two. Established it aside for a working day.
    After you finish crafting your essay, established it aside for an entire working day before establishing to proofread it. The time absent from it will clear your head and allow for you to definitely even better catch errors should you come again to it. (Oh, and for those who started your essay with the last minute, you could potentially however use this tip-just established it aside for an hour or two, and then come back again to it.)
    3. Study it aloud.
    Yes, this will work. Even professional writers do this. You’ll be able to scan your very own essay aloud to catch errors or discover places where your sentences are jogging on (and on, and on). Or, ask a parent, friend or teacher to go through it aloud to you.
    four. Go backwards.
    You may have learned this proofreading strategy in English class: Start out proofreading your essay for the conclude. Working your way from the close within the essay to the beginning forces you to definitely fork out considerably more attention to the words around the web site, so you won’t gloss over errors as easily as for those who browse it from start off to finish.
    5. Print it out.
    It may be easier to catch errors inside of your essay in case you print it out, rather than browse it on the computer screen only. Print it out, mark edits to the paper and enter the changes within your electronic document.
    6. Proofread inside of a quiet location.
    The Composing Center on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recommends finding a quiet spot to operate when proofreading your producing. That signifies turning off the TV, silencing your smartphone (or even putting it in another room or turning it off) and finding a spot absent from other distractions.
    7. Cover up lines you’re not reading.
    The Composing Center for the University of Wisconsin-Madison recommends by using a blank sheet of paper to cover up the lines below the 1 you’re reading. “This technique keeps you from skipping ahead of achievable mistakes,” says the center’s web page.
    8. Double check college names.
    At any time you utilize a college name into your essay, make sure it is the right college name. “While we understand students will apply to different colleges and universities, it is always discouraging to see a student mention another university’s name in their essay,” says Hannah Bingham, first-year admissions coordinator with the University of North Carolina Wilmington .
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