LE3NO Clothing

California brand LE3NO Clothing has some amazing new spring pieces!! I especially love this romantic and flirty floral dress which features a deep V neck. It’s fun to twirl in, and you can either dress it up or down for any occasion. I decided to wear the dress casual, and I paired it with a rugged hat and some dainty jewelry. Make sure to check out their website and you can use my special code “SAMANTHA5OFF” to get 5% off of anything you purchase! Woohoo!! Enjoy my friends. xo


Instagram: @lovele3no

Hanging out with Tai Lopez

Social Media Influencer Tai Lopez who is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Investor has inspired many people around the world to love KNOWLEDGE and change their mindset to achieve the 4 pillars of success: health, wealth, love, and happiness. I follow his work on all social media platforms, and I am proud to say I am in his 67 Steps Program. There are many negative comments made against him, but I can honestly tell you he is very down to earth and real!

I  had the opportunity to attend a casting call at his mansion in Beverly Hills for his new fitness and clothing line. I was beyond stoked because I had always wanted to meet him and learn from his Knowledge Society. The day of the casting was long but truly amazing! My casting appointment was at 3pm so when I finally arrived I was escorted inside his mansion by a bodyguard. The other girls and I waited in his guest room which was massive!! The entire mansion is huge and there’s so many beautiful paintings hung on all the walls. He has a tennis court, basketball court, huge pool, a hairstylist, fashion stylist, and also a personal chef who made us some bomb sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. We got to preview Tai’s new clothing/fitness line and wear an outfit for the photos. Once all the paperwork, photos, and waiting was over we were escorted to Tai’s garage where his Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti were. Tai finally came in and we all introduced ourselves. He is big on horoscopes so he remembered most of us by our sign (15 girls is a lot to remember lol). Tai was filming a lot on Snapchat then we headed to his master bedroom where we played “Fashion Police” to help him decide which outfits to choose. Afterwards, we changed into our bikinis and hung out in the jacuzzi. Tai finally came down, and his crew was filming and interviewing these young Entrepreneur’s (age 19 and 20) about their business which makes them $20,000 monthly.

After the jacuzzi, we went back to the guest room for a little Jiu Jitsu with Richard Mercado a famous coral/black belt fighter. He wrestled with Tai and showed us a few defense moves. Tai was recording for Snapchat throughout the entire day so he continued it in the wrestling room. One of the most important points he made was never to be a slow learner. Be anything but a slow leaner because it will only bring you down. Once we finished up, we all got ready to go out to Sushiya and 1 Oak which is a famous nightclub in Los Angeles. We also had to get our personality videos done in the meantime.

The Ubers came and dropped us off at Sushiya. I tried seaweed salad for the first time which I loved!!! Afterwards, we headed to 1 Oak Nightclub!! It was one of the best nights ever. It was Kyra Santoro’s birthday celebration, a Sports Illustrated model and Rookie of the year so it was very exclusive. We all had a great time and headed back to Tai’s house to end the night. Overall, my experience meeting Tai and the Knowledge Society was such a dream! I recommend following his work and learning from him because it has really impacted my life positively. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! xo


Malie Organics

Inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, Malie Organics is an organic and all-natural brand that offers luxurious spa and beauty products. Their chemical free products are committed to helping the environment, our health, and wellbeing. The best part is they don’t test on animals!

One of the products I got is the Jet Set Gift set which includes a body cream, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash placed in a cute travel bag. I absolutely love the Mango Nectar combo which smells like a dreamy, tropical paradise! Another product that I love is the Mango Butter Bun. Rub it on in the shower and it will keep your skin silky smooth with a beautiful glow. Check out the products below and let me know what you think. You can use my special code SAM to get a FREE luxe cream soap with purchase! Enjoy! xo

Malie Organics

Instagram: @malieorganics