Albion Fit is a swim and activewear company which aims to provide women with the most comfortable, luxurious, and flattering products. They also provide earth friendly materials in their products which makes a huge impact on our environment! Their new Wanderlust Collection features a variety of swimsuits with different patterns and colors ranging from polka dots, floral, and stripes that complement each individual style. My personal favorite is the Stripies 101 Crop Top and Izabal Hipster Bottoms! I love this unique look paired together because it embodies the lifestyle of a wanderer. I feel bold, confident, and daring when I wear this suit!

During my trip to San Diego, I finally met my new friend Jessica who is a photographer for MAGCON and a wedding company. We went to Torrey Pines beach and had fun chatting about our goals, shooting, and walking barefoot on a million rocks haha! We saw the most beautiful sunset that day, and it was the perfect way to end my evening. Check out my collaboration with Albion Fit for some style inspiration for your next adventure! xo, SD

Albion Fit

Photographer: Jessica Spohr




Push It to The Limit

Monday’s aren’t so bad. It is the beginning of a brand new week. Try to wake up with the intention of accomplishing amazing things today and your Mondays will never again be the same. Change your mindset and #pushittothelimit because anything is possible! Let go of the mistakes you made in the past week because it will only block your focus on the present moment. Take control of today with an empowered mindset and you will conquer all obstacles.

Take a look at my collaboration with the brand Live Love Dream! They offer a variety of comfortable and affordable activewear, lounge, sleep, and intimates. One of my favorite tops from Live Love Dream says ‘push it to the limit’ which has helped me gain motivation for my weekly workouts. Try changing up your activewear to see if you gain more motivation to complete a successful workout! xo, SD

Live Love Dream

Photographer: Allyson Skye

Glen Ivy Spa Day

I attended an exclusive event at Glen Ivy Spa and Resort for the launch of Organic Spa Skincare on January 29. I brought my friend and photographer Allyson to join me for a day of relaxation. The day started off a little bit crazy since Allyson’s car broke down, and I had to speed through traffic to pick her up at home while making sure we arrived at the event on time.

Once we got there and met up with the event coordinator Jordan and Hillary from We Are White Oak, everything was absolutely perfect! We started the day getting a tour of the entire resort while taking a million pictures in the process. Then we met up with the girls for our facial appointments, which lasted a heavenly 20 minutes. My face literally felt like butter after the entire process and my esthetician was amazing! She even put hot rocks on my shoulders, and massaged my upper body while waiting for the mask to dry up on my face.

Me and Allyson finally had some more time to explore afterwards. We relaxed by the pool and visited the mud bath. Before lunch, we visited the underground grotto. The experience was so rejuvenating! The elevator took us down into a cave where we set aside our things and entered another room. The workers painted our bodies with a hydrating aloe vera masque that felt really warm. Then we entered another room to relax while the masque worked its magic! After washing off, we enjoyed some nice tea with apples.


During lunch the ladies from Organic Spa Skincare gave a brief introduction and gifted us with the new products! I met the other bloggers and we all relaxed in the jacuzzi. The day ended with a painting session and wine. We all had to incorporate a style of painting called Expressionism, and paint without thinking. The trick was to turn the canvas around every 5 minutes while music was playing in the background. The speaker unveiled a message in everyone’s painting, and my canvas displayed, “less conversation and more action!” Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post featuring my review on the products from Organic Spa Skincare. xo, SD

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Photographer: Allyson Skye

A special thank you to everyone who helped make my day at Glen Ivy Spa an amazing experience! 


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Suede + Fringe Perfection

The perfect combination of suede and fringe is everything a girl could ask for in a jacket! I spent the day wandering in nature and taking in all of its beauty while twirling around in fringe. This jacket from Shop Riff Raff complements a white dress or ripped jeans with a graphic tee! Of course, the more jewelry the better ;). Don’t be afraid to add lots of layers and you will look chic at any location! xo, SD

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Lux Clothing Product Shoot

I recently worked with Lux Clothing for e-commerce in Riverside, CA. These new arrivals are ridiculously cute!! Winter in California is great because you can look stylish while wearing light layers during the cold days. I recommend shopping at Lux for clothing to fit your everyday wardrobe! xo, SD

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